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greenpower racing | online training courses

A video series custom tailored for Greenpower students to help accelerate the learning curve, enabling more time for design creativity and optimization.

The 3D CAD software in this series is Solid Edge®, by Siemens Digital Industries.

➤ Body Design and Manufacturing

➤ Intro to aerodynamics and FloEFD® software (flow simulation software inside of Solid Edge® Software)

➤ Chassis Design and Manufacturing

Course rollout to begin October 2019


Formula SAE | online training courses

Your goal is to design and build a competitive race car, not spend majority of your time learning the software tools.

Check out our application specific workflows for CAD, CFD, and FEA that accelerate your learning curve.

Course rollout to begin mid-October 2019

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rethinking how companies outsource

medical startup partnerships

Medical Startup COO: “Why do your clients choose you?”

Haag Enterprises: “We can take your idea from concept to production in less time than others, because we communicate efficiently and effectively using multi-media content, leaving no room for ambiguity, we front load design using virtual simulation software so your physical prototypes require minimal design changes, and use pervasive DFx (assembly, specific mfg process, quality, eco friendly, etc).

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