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Greenpower Online Training Videos

A video series custom tailored for Greenpower students to help accelerate the learning curve, enabling more time for design creativity and optimization. The 3D CAD software in this series is Solid Edge, by Siemens Digital Industries.

Roll-out to begin Fall 2019.

My son and I attended our first GreenpowerUSA event in May 2017 and we got to drop the green flag at the Indy 500 Speedway.

To learn more about Greenpower, check out:

Greenpower USA Homepage

Greenpower UK Homepage


FSAE Online Training Videos

Your goal is to design and build a competitive race car, not spend majority of your time learning the software tools. Check out our application specific workflows for CAD, CFD, and FEA that accelerate your learning curve.

Roll-out to begin Fall 2019.

Edinburgh University's Formula Student Team, located in Scotland, displays our logo on the nose of their inaugural 2016 Formula SAE race car.  We created custom Solid Edge surface modeling tutorials for their aerodynamics team, which enabled them to quickly model the nose cone, side pods, and under body/ground effects, leaving more time for design optimization.